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Single & Multiple Entry Visa (B211)

About Visit Visa (B211)

In order to obtain an appropriate visa to enter Indonesian territory, foreign nationals must have sponsor in Indonesia. A local sponsor must be a legal entity in Indonesia (except the purpose of visit is family reunion) likes company, institution who resides in Indonesia relevant to your visit and will take responsibility during your stay in Indonesia. If the purpose of visit is for tourism, the sponsor must be hotel or travel agent in Indonesia.

Limited Stay Visa (KITAS)

About Limited Stay Visa (KITAS)

Limited stay visas (KITAS) are given to foreigners who will enter and stay in the Indonesian Territory for a certain period of time. For foreigners holding limited stay visas in the context of work, residence permits and re-entry permits are given upon arrival at certain airports/ports. Foreigners who hold limited stay visas not for work are required to report to the immigration office according to their domicile for reporting/recording and can be extended up to 5 (five) limited times.

Working Visa (KITAS) 321

About Working Visa (KITAS) 321

Working Visa is a document containing permits for foreign nationals to work in other countries. This document is a requirement for prospective workers to be able to work or find work in other countries. With this document, a foreign citizen who resides for work purposes can obtain the rights and facilities provided by a country.

Spouse Visa (KITAS) 317

About Spouse Visa (KITAS) 317

Spouse Visa is a visa intended for foreign nationals who are married to Indonesian citizens. In this article, we will tell you what a visa partner is, the process of obtaining a visa partner and how this visa can benefit you living and doing business in Indonesia.


Visa on Arrival (VOA) Extension

About Visa on Arrival (VOA) Extention

Visa On Arrival (VOA) or Visit Visa on Arrival is given to Foreign Citizens who intend to visit Indonesia for tourism, socio-cultural visits, business visits, or government assignments. 

VIP Service Airport Assistance

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International Flights From or to Indonesia

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